Wednesday, April 05, 2006

final proposal

Interactive Bio

I propose developing an interactive bio to graphically chart my path through life, from birth to my present studies at ITP. It will highlight both geographic movements as well as personal and professional milestones. Visually, the bio will have two main elements: a map which occupies most of the stage, and a timeline running across the bottom.

Pseudo code

- Rolling over points on the map causes them to glow. The corresponding point on the timeline will also glow.

- Clicking on the point (on map or timeline) zooms in on the map and adds a field of text. Additional content may be accessed through buttons attached to the text field.

- Clicking outside the text field closes the field and returns map to starting state.

- Clicking on the timeline will reposition map and open new textbox.

My bio

Born in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

Reared in San Francisco Bay Area. As a child, enjoyed learning how things worked by taking them apart (mom’s vacuum cleaner, for example) and attempting to put them back together, sometimes successfully, most times not. High school studies emphasized art and mechanics.

Upon high school graduation, moved to San Francisco to pursue amateur rugby, surfing, scootering and to attend City College for preliminary design studies. Discovered industrial design and Martine, my girlfriend.

End of rugby and surfing (not Martine’s fault.)

Transferred to San Jose State University. After portfolio review, accepted into professional ID program. Enhanced studies with internships and
contract work at Vetta Sports (San Francisco CA,) The Burdick Group (San Francisco CA,) and IDEO (Palo Alto CA.)

Earned Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design.

Goodbye, San Jose. Hello again, San Francisco!

Joined Bridge Design as industrial designer shortly after university graduation. Worked on high-tech, medical and consumer projects. Products recognized by peer as well as professional groups (most notably IDSA Gold and Silver,) and published in trade and design magazines.

Returned to surfing. Began snowboarding and paying off student loans. Put on 30 pounds.

Goodbye, Bridge Design. Goodbye, San Francisco. Bonjour, Paris!

Moved with Martine to Paris. Enrolled in French language course, immersed self in French culture and cheese, in an attempt to better understand Martine. Made pilgrimage to Bilbao to see Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim, and to Ireland to sample Guinness at the source. Believe it or not, lost 30 pounds.

Joined internationally-attended Vitra Design Workshop with Ronan Bouroullec in the south of France. Reaffirmed my belief that culturally diverse teams create the most rewarding experiences and results.

Goodbye, cheese. Goodbye, Paris. Hello, Los Angeles!

Combatted culture shock with frequent surfing and freelancing. Went Hollywood by working as set dresser and production assistant on commercial shoots. Refreshed and expanded skills with courses at Art Center. Experimented with jewelry, multimedia, and interaction.

Recruited by US Surgical to join R&D team. Moved to New England, donned three-cornered hat and immersed self in world of surgical instruments. While acquiring valuable tools such as ProEngineer and how to look busy, was disappointed by lack of actual Research & Development happening.

Enrolled at ITP at NYU, became a mediocre Flash designer.


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